Stirling-Rawdon is located in Hastings County. It was formed on January 1, 1998, through the amalgamation of Rawdon Township with the Village of Stirling. Stirling was most recently named the 2012 Kraft Hockeyville winner gaining more than 3.9 million votes.

Besides the village proper of Stirling, the township of Stirling-Rawdon comprises a number of villages and hamlets, including the following communities such as Anson, Bonarlaw, Harold, Minto, Mount Pleasant, Sine, Springbrook, Wellman; Brinkworth, Madoc Junction, Peterson, Ryslone, Sarginson, Wellman Station.

The area around Stirling is made up of farmlands with some forests heavily in sporadic areas with some hills. Rawdon Creek flows near the village centre, the Marsh Creek is to the west and the Trent River with the Trent Canal in the southwest. Its main industry is agriculture with some other businesses. The attractions are River Valley and Stirling’s nearby lake Oak Lake which lies south of the community.

Good to know about Stirling:

  • Stirling has a population of 4,978
  • Stirling is home to one elementary school in the Public School Board
  • There is no secondary school in Stirling
  • Farmtown Park is a popular tourist attraction celebrating agriculture heritage of the area
  • The Stirling Festival Theatre is home to yearly pantomimes, musicals, comedy shows and more

Relevant Community Links

Visit the Quinte Health Centre website or the Campbellford Memorial Hospital website for information on health care.

For a full list of community services including youth programs, sports and recreation and arts and culture view the Stirling Library’s Community Guide.

Click here to visit the Village of Stirling’s website.

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