8 Wing Trenton

As Canada’s largest RCAF base, 8 Wing Trenton is at the forefront of Canadian military aviation. The 8 Wing air transport fleets regularly fly the world in support of operations and, at home, 424 Search and Rescue (SAR) Squadron stands-by to provide assistance to the national Search and Rescue organization whenever and wherever needed in the Central Canadian SAR region.

8 Wing Trenton is committed to providing outstanding family, recreational and support service to create a welcoming community for everyone working here and their families, both military and civilian.

Whether it’s activities for children and youth, or support services such as finding jobs, social work or meeting child care needs, the 8 Wing Trenton community has what you need when you need it.

8 Wing/CFB Trenton Guide to Relocating or visit the Trenton Morale & Welfare website for more information.

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