Tips For House Hunters

Moving to a new town

Let’s face it, moving is difficult enough, but relocating to a totally new area can be a particularly stressful event for the entire family. Once the decision is made to move, begin working on your moving plans, even if the move is months away. Reduce the stress later when you are adjusting to the new surroundings by organizing as much as possible in advance.

If you have a family, it’s important to discuss the reasons why you have chosen to relocate, fears related to moving and, more importantly, why the move is an exciting new beginning. Keep in mind that every family member will have a different reaction to moving.

Here are some tips for house hunting in a new area;

  • Bring your cheque book. You will need to put a deposit on your new home. You may also need to pay for a water test and a home inspection.
  • Bring slip on shoes.
  • A camera for your own personal pictures of schools, community, parks, interior of homes (with permission), to share with family and friends and for your own reference later.
  • Get in contact with a local mortgage specialist or broker before arrival. Bring all documents that your lender may require. Speak with your lender before coming to see what is needed.
  • Bring every family member’s health information and check with the local health unit to see if additional immunizations are required.
  • Bring your identification for your lawyer and real estate transaction. Two pieces are usually required, one with picture, i.e. driver’s license, passport, birth certificate, SIN, etc.
  • Book a tentative home inspection and confirm there is no penalty to cancel or reschedule times.
  • If bringing the family, don’t forget to pack for the hotel stay. Ear plugs, bathing suits for kids, ipad, etc. anything to help you relax at the end of the day, and actually enjoy what, we hope, can be a mini holiday!

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